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BIG problems getting into my site..!!
« am: 03.05.18 um 12:30:02 »

I am new here . I have been having BIG problems getting into my Covoco site and all kinds of Google sites, including Gmail. Normally I would post this problem on a Google forum, but I can't get into their sites for posting, so I'm posting it here,
The problem was first noticed when trying to get into Gmail, which didn't show up. I could search for something in Google and get a search list, but none of the links ln the list would would work. I could not get into my iGoogle page either. In Firefox 3.0.5 I would always get a blank page, and in Internet Explorer 7 I would get "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage". All other sites except for Google work fine.

The problem is on my PC and my laptop - we are both on the same router and modem. So I took out the router and connected the cable modem directly to my PC - problem remains. So I called my ISP. They said they tried using my user name to go to Google sites and had no problems, so they weren't much help.

Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you.