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USB sticks not recognized in windows
« am: 19.05.18 um 12:21:15 »

I just bought and installed a new Gigabyte Gaming 3 with an i5-6600K. I was coming from an AMD board/CPU so I did a sysprep in my Windows 7 install to clear out drivers right before installing the board. Windows 7 booted right up without needing a fresh install (thank goodness). A couple drivers auto-installed, but not the ethernet adapter, so I can't download the drivers (I have no optical drive).
I tried downloading drivers on my laptop to 2 different USB sticks, but they aren't recognized at all by any of the USB ports on my new mobo. I should note that my mouse and keyboard are USB and they work fine. Anyway, with no ethernet driver, no optical drive and no USB sticks being recognized, does anyone know how I can now install any drivers?
Any Suggestion Would be appreciate.

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