Autor Thema: Noob question regarding re-installing Windows and games in second hard-drive  (Gelesen 58 mal)

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So, I have two SSDs, the C drive being the main Windows install drive, and the D drive being the games directory (and temporary downloads) drive.

I want to do a fresh re-install of Windows on my C drive, but I was wondering what the best way to go about it was, considering I have a bunch of games installed on the D drive? From what I understand, even though the games are installed on D, there will still be a bunch of files on the Windows directory on C related to those game files, as well as registry settings, so I'm thinking just doing a wipe of the C drive and re-installing Windows will cause problems with the games on D.
Is this true? Or can I just re-install Windows without any worry of the games on D? Or do I have to go about some other way to install Windows? I was thinking the other alternatives were a) before re-installing Windows, uninstalling all the games I have on my D drive, and then re-installing the games one by one or b) re-install Windows, and just re-install the games again over the current and same games folders on the D drive.
Any other solutions or alternatives?

Please help

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